Products, Liability, & Civil Litigation

Products, Liability, & Civil Litigation

Products, Liability, & Civil Litigation

Sheehan & Sheehan, P.A. has represented defendants in product liability claims and a variety of mass tort law suits, including the breast implant litigation, the L-Tryptophan litigation, the repetitive stress syndrome litigation, and asbestos litigation.

Briggs F. Cheney and Craig T. Erickson are the firm’s attorneys who have worked most extensively on these cases. In addition, the firm has represented a wide variety of manufacturers and distributors in products liability and other personal injury and wrongful death cases.

The firm emphasizes close, on-going communication with its products liability clients and their insurers. A sampling of clients that we have represented in the products liability area includes:

American Baler Corporation

Champion Road Machinery

General Electric Corporation

Levi Straus

Lindemann Recycling Equipment, Inc.

Miller Coors

The Gap

Showa Denko Corporation

Members of the firm participate in the Defense Lawyers Association.