Business | Commercial Law

Business and Commercial Law

Business | Commercial Law

Sheehan & Sheehan, P.A. offers clients a full range of business and commercial law services.

We represent business clients in the full range of business and commercial issues and disputes and during all phases of a business’ existence, from the planning and formation stages, through growth and end stages.

In the early stages, our attorneys work with clients to choose and form the right type of business entity. After the initial formation our clients rely on us to advise them on all manner of simple and complex contract issues.

When it comes to locating or re-locating your business we can draft, review or negotiate your commercial leases, work with you through the process of buying and selling property, and obtaining required land use and zoning approvals.

If your business is web-based we can develop terms and conditions for the sale of goods, draft website privacy policies, and advise your business on issues related to the taxation of goods and services.

Our attorneys are well-versed in drafting consulting agreements across many industries. We work with businesses to draft and negotiate distribution and marketing agreements for the sale of products domestically and internationally.

In growth stages, the firm’s employment law group also is available to advise your business in preventative employment practice or defend you in employment claims or lawsuits. At the end stages, we work with businesses on succession planning and evaluating next steps.

Whether you are considering a sale of stock or assets, a merger, acquisition, conversion or dissolution we can work with your business to find the right deal structure to optimize your transaction.

In additional to the transactional services we offer our business clients, our attorneys are also experienced litigators and will represent your business in business and commercial law disputes.