Construction Law News

Exceptions to Anti-Indemnification Act May Spell Increase in Construction Costs

By: Jeremiah L. Ritchie A recent court decision threatens to affect insurance premiums for contractors and subcontractors by disrupting the status quo when it comes to […]

2016 Developments in New Mexico Construction Law

This week’s blog features the expertise of our senior partner David P. Gorman in 2016 Developments in New Mexico Construction Law.  Click here to read this piece […]

Please Pass the Risk

Indemnification Clauses in Construction Contracts and Why They Matter By: Brian E. McMath I. Introduction Indemnity, at its most basic, is a method of transferring risk […]

The Importance of Carefully Reviewing Contract Terms

How “Flow-Down” Clauses Can Impact Contractual Liability By: Leah M. Stevens-Block I. Overview A flow-down provision states that the terms of the contract at a higher […]

Faulty Diaper Changing Tables and Developments in Indemnification Provisions of Construction Contracts

By: Josh A. Allison Picture yourself as the owner of a grocery store in Gallup. You know that people who shop for groceries sometimes have children, […]